A study on Psycho-social Problems of Women Workers in Construction sites : Special reference to Nellore town


  • Babu Praveen Kumar +919985141562


Construction sites, women workers, health problems, stress


The area of work affects the person’s ability and the performance. The study exploring some of the facts and insights about women workers, who are working at construction sites, to fulfil their basic needs of their families. In this study primarily focus was on psycho-social problems of women workers in construction sites.  Construction Industry provides job opportunities to large number of skilled as well as unskilled workforce. The workforce employed in the construction sites have to face several difficulties at the work place. Several issues related to health, stress, and injuries at work place are the major concern of the research among researchers. The present study attempts to study the problems of women work force employed in construction sites in Nellore. The major focus of the study is to identify the key factors related to the women workers in the construction sites. Women work as unskilled labour and face several other difficulties in comparison to males. Sexual Harassment, gender bias, wage discrimination are the major factors due to which the working environment becomes difficult for them and women’s are remains at the same level of skill even after working few number of years.


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