The Participation of the Local Community in the Longboat Racing of Klong 14 Community, Tumbol Buengsan, Ongkarak Sub-District, Nakhon Nayok


  • Kameelah Sawee St Theresa International College
  • Dr. Alfredo C Espejo St Theresa International College
  • Dr. Sukit Klinhom
  • Emelyn F Galon St Theresa International College
  • Rangsan Padungtham Chairperson of the Network Partnership of the Local Development Institute


Participation, organizing, Long-boat race


The objective of the research is to study the participation levels of the local community in the Longboat racing of Klong 14 community, Tumbol Buengsan, Ongkarak Sub-district, Nakhon Nayok and to compare the levels of the participation of the local community in the Long-boat racing classified by genders and monthly income.  This is quantitative research; the sample group of 380 persons was done by simple random search from the 4,896 local folks living in the community of Klong 14, Buengsan, Ongkarak sub-district of Nakhon Nayok province. Tools used were questionnaires; statistic used in data analysis is by standard valiance mean, t-Test, and One-way ANOVA.  It is found from the study that the levels of the participation of the local community in the Long-boat racing, overall, is at a high level.  Comparing the levels by classifying the genders, it is found that the female gender has a higher level of participation in order to develop tourism than the male, with a difference of no statistically significant.  Comparing the levels of community participation, classified by the monthly income, it is found that with the different amounts of income, there is no different level in the participation of the community in the Long-boat racing.


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