Organisational Behaviour -Text, Cases & Games


  • Rakna M Assistant Professor


K. Aswathappa is the author of the book entitled Organizational Behaviour-Text, Cases & Games. He is a former dean, faculty of commerce and management, Bangalore University and former School of Management Studies, Bangalore. He was a member of several bodies in Bangalore University and was on the Boards of studies of many other universities. A prolific writer, Prof Aswathappa has authored 25 books and many articles on different areas of management and commerce. He has penned down several books on relevant topics like human resources, management concept – practice and cases, international business, and organizational behavior. Organizational Behavior is a fascinating subject. The more one reads about it the more absorbing it becomes. In the present competitive, complex, and constantly changing world, organizations must be both efficient and effective, and different people work differently in different situations because of differences in personality. By studying organizational behavior both individual and group behavior can be understood. By learning organizational behavior, both employees and manager relationship can be maintained in a better way. Employees can use the knowledge to adjust self to increase work performance without stressing too hard. Managers can use the knowledge to accomplish goals on time.
The twelfth revised edition of this


Aswathppa, K. (2016). Organisational Behaviour. Mumbai: Himalaya Publishing House.