Attitude, Motivation, and Learning Behaviour of English Learning of Junior High School, Muslim Thai Students of a School in Bangkok


  • Boonruang Chunsuvimol Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, St.Theresa International College
  • Pongthep Jiraro
  • Sajee Jiraro
  • Sarinee Sarowat


English learning, attitude, motivation, language learning behavior, Bangkok Muslim Thai students


Recent research on attitudes, motivation and learning behaviour of Thai students seem to concentrate on samples at different educational levels, for example, high school, vocational or higher education. There have hardly been any research projects focused on Muslim Thai junior high school students in Bangkok. In contrast to the mainstream investigations, the purpose of this research paper is to explore attitude, motivation and learning behavior of junior high school, Muslim Thai students of a school in Nongchok District, Bangkok. The school is of particular interest as most of the teachers and students were Muslim. Data were collected by using questionnaires with a sample of 164 students of both genders.

Research results showed that the overall attitude towards English learning was at a very high level (M = 4.22). The highest mean scores were found in the items asking students' opinions about English as an international language they should learn (M = 4.25) and English as a tool to help them travel internationally (M = 4.35). Regarding motivation, their overall score was at a high level (M = 3.56). With reference to learning behaviour, the overall score was just average (M = 2.99).

In conclusion, although samples had a high attitude and motivation towards English, their learning behaviour is not up to expectations.



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