Development of the Learning Outcome by Using the Learning Contract for Nursing Students Who did not Meet the Criterion


  • Vassana Pongsupasa
  • Surang Prungdej
  • wanree saisamuth
  • wanee pohnakorn
  • patchaya thongsila


learning outcome, learning contract, average grade not meet the criterion


The objectives of " A development of the learning outcome by using the learning contract for nursing students who did not meet the criterion†are 1) To compare the differences of academic achievement of nursing students. Those whose academic achievement did not meet the criteria of St.Theresa International College during the post-application of the Learning Contract model. With the set criteria 2) To study satisfaction of students with the learning contract model. The sample are selected from Nursing student in the second year of the semester of the academic year 2018 who does not meet the criteria (Cumulative average score lower than 2.3) 22 students. Data collection tools included questionnaire and the learning achievement record. Descriptive statistics were used to find the mean, percentage and standard deviation. One sample t-test was used to compare the satisfaction scores in different areas with the standard criteria. The results of the study showed that the average score after using the learning contract model ( = 2.5, S.D. = 0.30) was higher than the average score before using the learning model ( = 2.15, S.D. = 0.40).  The satisfaction of nursing students with the overall learning contract model was at a high level (  = 3.84, S.D. = 0.63) and was significantly higher compared with the criteria (3.5). Statistical at the .001 level.


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