Small Business Community needs Assessment: A case during the Pandemic Situation


  • Dr. Rosario C. Garcia St. Theresa International College
  • Dr. Juan Rodrigo B. Del Villar
  • Mr. Prachuab Trinikorn


small business community, needs assessment, small business situation, difficulties encountered, improvement measures


The study is aimed at assessing small businesses during a pandemic situation. Specifically, this research delved into the business condition, characteristics in common, difficulties encountered, and improvement measures. It utilized the descriptive type of research using a qualitative approach. It covered six small businesses at Klong 15, Ongkharak, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand. The safety measures and restrictions imposed by the government had greatly affected small businesses. They were found to be family-owned or home-based, with distinct product or service offerings, the same marketing activities, and local customers. They have difficulties with the narrow product or service offerings, limited marketing activities, and sustaining their operations. A contingency plan is recommended for the new normal situation.


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